Act of May 2nd 2007 – Royal Decree of February 14th, 2008

In application of the Belgian law of 2 May 2007 on the disclosure of major shareholdings in issuers whose securities are admitted to trading on a regulated market and article 11 of the articles of association of Unifiedpost Group, the applicable major shareholding notification thresholds are set at 3%, 5%, 10% and each successive multiple of 5% of Unifiedpost Group’s total number of voting rights.

Major shareholding notifications should be filed with the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA), as well as with Unifiedpost Group.
The FSMA advises to notify them electronically by e-mail on the following account: , as well as by fax on the number +32 2 220 59 12.
The company advises to file the notification to the attention of its Legal Department by e-mail:
For more detailed information on the compliance with the applicable disclosure obligations, please note that the FSMA has made available on its website, a Form TR-1 BE and an Information Guide concerning Transparency Legislation and Forms.

You can find the transparency notifications that Unifiedpost Group has received from its shareholders further down this page.