Publication of a transparency notification (Article 14, first paragraph, of the Law of 2 May 2007 on disclosure of major holdings)

July 14, 2022

La Hulpe (Belgium), 14 July 2022, 7.00 a.m. CET – Regulated Information – Unifiedpost Group (Euronext: UPG) (Unifiedpost, the Group or the Company) has received a transparency notification from The Capital Group Companies Inc. (CGC) dated 11 July 2022. This transparency notification indicates that Capital Research and Management Company (CRMC - a subsidiary of CGC) as a result of a disposal of shares on 8 July 2022 no longer holds voting rights of the Company. CGC and CRMC have thus crossed in a downward way the thresholds of 5% and 3%.


1. Content of the notification

The notification dated 11 July 2022 contains the following information:

  • Reason for the notification:
    • Downward crossing of the lowest threshold.
    • Acquisition or disposal of voting securities or voting rights.
  • Notification by: A parent undertaking or controlling person.
  • Person subject to the notification requirement: The Capital Group Companies Inc., with registered office at 333 South Hope Street, 55th Fl, Los Angeles, CA U.S.A. 90071.
  • Date of the transaction: 8 July 2022.
  • Treshold that is crossed: 5% (1)
  • Denominator: 34.546.431.
  • Notified details: 


Transparency declaration

  • Full chain of controlled undertakings through which the holding is effectively held:

CGC is the parent company of CRMC and Capital Bank & Trust Company (CB&T). CRMC is a U.S.-based investment management company that serves as investment manager to the American Funds family of mutual funds, other pooled investment vehicles, as well as individual and institutional clients.  CRMC and its investment manager affiliates manage equity assets for various investment companies through three divisions, Capital Research Global Investors, Capital International Investors and Capital World Investors.  CRMC is the parent company of Capital Group International, Inc. (CGII), which in turn is the parent company of six investment management companies (CGII Management Companies): Capital International, Inc., Capital International Limited, Capital International Sàrl, Capital International K.K., Capital Group Private Client Services Inc, and Capital Group Investment Management Private Limited.  CGII Management Companies and CB&T primarily serve as investment managers to institutional and high net worth clients. CB&T is a U.S.-based investment management company that is a registered investment adviser and an affiliated federally chartered bank.

Neither CGC nor any of its affiliates own shares of the Company for its own account.  Rather, the shares reported on the notification dated 11 July 2022 are owned by accounts under the discretionary investment management of one or more of the investment management companies described above.

2. Varia

The full transparency notification can be consulted on the Company’s website, here.

(1) Clarification on behalf of the Company in this regard:

In its transparency notification, CGC has reported a downward crossing of the threshold of 5% as a result of the transaction of 8 July 2022. However, as CRMC no longer holds any voting rights as a result of this transaction, there is also a downward crossing of the statutory threshold of 3%. This statutory threshold was introduced by the extraordinary general meeting of the Company on 17 May 2022, and (additionally) communicated by means of a press release on 12 July 2022.

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